Setup #4 - The fourth step test, start QSO

Setup #4 - The fourth step test, start QSO

Yaesu: By default 00325 TW YSF886 C4FM Taiwan Room, use standard communication for QSO!
DMR: The default connection server for Australia, the channel handsets to 46001 group, tap the PTT into the session, listen, and then the QSO.
Parrot Test: Aim to Test Your Echo Yaesu: pi-star Settings Screen Select 00001 - Parrot -Protrot, press the PTT test (there is actually no echo)
DMR: Handset add group 99900, transferred to this channel, press the PTT (echo test, but in fact there is no echo, you can go up to shout, the two are not in the same hot HAM can enter each other QSO)

Listen to a group of QSO online

Online voice: Hotspot (over the wall):

Setup #3 - The third step is to set up handsets, access to hot spots

Setup #1 - The first step connected to the wired network, modify the call sign
Setup #2 - The second step to set up wireless Wi-Fi, wireless use

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