Setup #3 - The third step is to set up handsets, access to hot spots

The third step is to set up handsets, access to hot spots

C4FM mode: set the call sign, the handset frequency is 433.550MHz, DN data mode, press PTT to see if the hot plate dashboard has TX action
DMR mode: Refer to TeraTong MD-380 MMDVM write template of group file (for other handsets, you can also use 380 software to open the template), the number of contacts increases by 460, 46001, 46007 and other three call groups
MD380 / MD380G write frequency template and write the software as follows, two models common,
MD380G write frequency line production:
MD380G write frequency software (official): http: //
MD380G MMDVM write frequency template: http: //
P8668 MMDVM frequency templates and tutorials:

Special Note:

1 Please be sure to call the inside and DMRid change their own, otherwise it will affect my login, no application to see

2 Here only tell you a way to get started, advanced games such as brush machine please add group 320533571 look at the information, ask the group of friends

3 need to buy MD380 series hand shops please visit the store to consult

4 MD380G Fun APRS Positioning into Q group 683111553 See information

5 md380 / md380g Brush and adjust the power to 0.1 watts Tutorial See the last part of this book
D-star iCOM MMDVM set up tutorials, into the group consulting, P25 MOTO, MMDVM settings tutorial, into the group advice,

Setup #4 - The fourth step test, start QSO

Setup #1 - The first step connected to the wired network, modify the call sign

Setup #2 - The second step to set up wireless Wi-Fi, wireless use


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