I felt funny because I did not understand the differences and configurations. I was an early adopter to this product and could not find English documentation to read.

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Nano MMDVM User Manual V_1209 (English)

MMDVM Open source projects

Setup #3 - The third step is to set up handsets, access to hot spots

Setup #4 - The fourth step test, start QSO


MMDVM Nano Hotspot - Auxiliary tools

GPIO definition

Advanced settings

  1. If you switch to YSF mode appears unable to connect to the gateway, OLED display Startup, the reason is that the import of the old gateway address, you need to update the pistar system, click the upper right corner of the menu [update / update] button
  2. Why the OLED screen does not light after the first power-on? Need to connect to the network, initialization is complete, even on the MMDVM server to light.
  3. Win7 SD card to see only 64M or display has not been formatted, do not doubt that Win7 does not recognize raspberry pie format disk.
  4. DMR mode hand how to enter 46001? Write frequency, hand-tune to the corresponding channel, press PTT
  5. Direct access http: / / pi-star may be QQ Baidu 360 and other browsers smart to redirect to the official website, use Chrome or Firefox, or directly access the IP address @ BD7LYV feedback Firefox browser address: http: // www .firefox.com.cn / download /
  6. Hidden WiFi can not connect @ BH7JTB provides the method to increase the scan_ssid = 1 parameter
  7. Dashboard page online update did not respond, it is recommended to use the ssh command line update
  8. DMR mode does not receive for a long time, the dashboard to see the network status is normal, you need to enter the background to see the log, if the following log frequently,
    DMR, Login to the master has failed, retrying network ...
    DMR, Closing DMR Network
    DMR, Opening DMR Network
    Then the server connection is abnormal, replace the server, Log normally connected to the server
    The Facebook discussion group raised this issue. The reply from Pi-Star author Andrew Taylor is: Currently, the dashboard status only checks the connection from the MMDVMHost to the DMR network, so when DMRGateway is used - it only indicates that it is connected to DMRGateway (eg Australia, South Korea Is the gateway, Australia to BM total server is the upper    Suggestion: Click on the dashboard (Admin) [Live Log] to see the logs (wait for a while before logging in to see the history log using SSH, see screenshot above)
  9. TG9 group to occupy the channel solution Reasons: once a single call / group called 4400 group, will always occupy the channel, pi-star status Active Ref     -     Principle: TG9 is a special group, you can not directly enter by touching PTT, you need dial-in, dial-out. In fact, if you want to listen to the British group, enter the TG91 can be found in the blog provided MD380 write frequency template, the same settings of other models. More: waiting for your complement, perfect together to be solved: the same name WiFi multi-point deployment roaming access problems