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I felt funny because I did not understand the differences and configurations. I was an early adopter to this product and could not find English documentation to read.

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  • 20180123 - Support - An "English" forum and discussion area was created for sharing information
  • 20180103 - Support - An "multi language" blog was created for sharing information
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  • 20171209 Increase md380 brush machine to lower power tutorial
  • 20171205 Increase the form entry for DMRid application
  • 20171201 Addition of large screen display IP driver PI-STAR heavy brush image method
  • 20171127 Network Diagnostic Method to Increase DMR Long Time Sending and Receiving
  • 20171125 Added WiFi configuration instructions for big screen version, Added MD380 / MD380G write frequency software and template download address, Radio write frequency guide, Added pi-star to provide DMR group list,
  • 20171116 Add hidden WiFi, pistar access abnormal scene problem, C4FM domestic room address update, Nano + big screen Deluxe Edition link 20171111 Add Youku video: Nano hot box out of the box guide, see the address below
  • 20171106 brush Pi-star firmware need to use the Nano version, you can not use Raspberry Pi version, or can not start the download address:
  • 20171105 Exchange Q Group 320533571