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MMDVM Open source projects List

Open source project:

Open source agreement:
This software is licenced under the GPL v2 and is intended for amateur and educational use only. Use of this software for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

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2.MMDVM application scenarios?

Target users

3.MMDVM how to use?

What equipment need to buy networking conditions

4.MMDVM contributor

5.MMDVM community support?

Project Outlook

common problem

Apply DMR-ID Quick Tips Common Servers, Operators Limit Use MMDVM with USB and Bluetooth
Use MMDVM for Windows to connect MMDVM using DlueDV client

Setup #1 - The first step connected to the wired network, modify the call sign
Remove the pistar WebConsole password
SD card expansion LAN access to increase the Wifi connection
Wifi names are case sensitive
OLED display snowflake screen frequency lead to hot RF transceiver
Nano HotSPOT for MMDVM Hotspot Links:
Nano small blue box Quick Start Edition:
Nano + big screen Deluxe Edition:
Nano Maker Room (shop):

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