Setup #2 - The second step to set up wireless Wi-Fi, wireless use

Setup #2 - The second step to set up wireless Wi-Fi, wireless use
Strongly recommend the first method, the lowest cost! If you intend to use the network cable, this step please ignore

Method 1: Insert the network interface directly and wait for the router to assign IP. LAN access http: // pi-star to enter the Web page configuration, as shown in Figure Note: After the configuration is completed, refresh the current page, if you see the WiFi Configuration Bar ) Can display the IP address, then normal, or reconfigure, until you see, pay attention to WiFi ID and password input is case sensitive

 You can add more than one WiFi to save, such as hot cell phone WiFi, but at the same time will only connect the first access WiFi, WiFi mobile phone test, go to no router WiFi signal, or turn off the WiFI router, or through Network cable access, delete pi-Star in the router WiFi

 Method 2: Write the Wi-Fi profile to the SD card, use the TF card sleeve, and insert the USB port of the computer (for Nano + large screen version)

  1. First visit Enter your home Wi-Fi user name password, generate the configuration file (the official link will not reveal the password)
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the root directory of the SD card and start NanoPi to access Wi-Fi
  3. The test is successful, the router to see if there is no name for the pi-star host
Method three: Setup WPA over SSH

Setup #3 - The third step is to set up handsets, access to hot spots


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